Design Method

Keeping it local

Surrey is a massive county, and one full of a diverse range of businesses, including many, many, many design agencies. To ensure we are consistently one of the best we keep a constant eye on pricing and quality assurance, leaving no stone unturned, and this includes carrying out the same ‘checks’ on the people we partner with in business.

Of course we try and keep as much in house as possible, for instance all web design, graphic design and marketing is covered by our excellent team of designers and web developers – but there is always the need to partner with someone if you continue to want to be a one stop shop for all that is design and marketing.

Over the last 35 years we have built up great relationships with all of our suppliers, most of which are local. We also have, in a couple of cases, mutual agreements in place to ensure best value for money – one of which includes lithographic and digital printing trade rates in exchange for our Website Design service.

On the rare occasions we have to outsource, we tender work to 3 or more suppliers. To ensure quality we always request samples and only work on recommendations. As mentioned we have good relationships with our preferred suppliers ensuring we only work with the best.

With regards to our own services we regularly check up on competitors prices to ensure we are always good value for money – which we never fail to be. So, why not pick up the phone and give us a ring for a competitive quote – no matter the project we guarantee a fair and honest quote and excellent value for money.