If you have a physical shop front, adding online ordering to your existing website can significantly increase revenue as more and more consumers are completing purchases online.

The real power of eCommerce has meant that businesses no longer require a shop in order to have a thriving trade, significantly reducing expensive overheads. The way we shop has shifted dramatically in recent times, and in order to remain successful businesses need to adhere to the simplest marketing theory: be where your customers are. And your customers are online.

eCommerce websites consist primarily of four key elements:

The Catalogue
Where your products can be showcased and browsed.

The Shopping Cart
Where your customers place products they are considering buying.

Payment System
Your website needs a system to process online payments, be it through debit/credit card purchases or a prepay system such as PayPal.

Order Process
How to manage the products that have been purchased, delivery options, dispatch notifications etc.

We have built many successful eCommerce websites, across a wide range of industries; from hand made jewellery to farm supplies, so we know how to make your product move effectively in the online market place.

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