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Top 10 World Cup ’14 Kits

World Cup '14 Kits

It’s that time – THE WORLD CUP IS HERE

It feels like a long time since the last sporting bonanza took over the British public’s consciousness in London, that glorious summer 2 years ago… but fear not, a month’s worth of football lies ahead – late nights, chewed finger nails and angry wives… love it!

One of the things I love most about the Olympics, World Cups, Commonwealth Games, Tour de France (starting in England this year), or any great global sporting event for that matter, is all the colour, culture and nostalgia that comes with it.

The clash of cultures is wonderful, the passion of the supporters – and the vast array of team kits that add to the atmosphere and create the brilliant mix of colour.

With that thought in mid we have outlined our TOP TEN 2014 WORLD CUP KITS. It was a tough process whittling down the 32 to 10, never mind picking a favourite. A lot of people won’t like the top choice for obvious reasons but in my eyes, they always get it right.


We have 2 x PUMA, 3 ADIDAS and 5 NIKE Kits making up the top 10

Top Ten world Cup 2014 Kits

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10. Cameroon / PUMA

Cameroon World Cup 14 Kit
Evocative of the wonderful Italia 90 Kit adorned by Roger Milla, this is a winner in my eyes. PUMA have under gone somewhat of a re-birth in the last few years in the sporting world and it’s great to see their fun designs at centre stage again – Usain Bolt and the Jamaican athletics team will continue their contract through the next Olympics too, so exciting times ahead

9. England / NIKE

England World Cup 14 Kit
The first entry for NIKE, with our very own English Kit. NIKE set their stall out early with a teaser campaign at the beginning of the year and have kept things simple – but beautiful – in their entire World Cup range.

8. Mexico / ADIDAS

Mexico World Cup 14 Kit
Always love watching the Mexican team, it brings back wonderful memories from my first World Cup experience, Mexico ‘86, Maradona and his Hand of God, Lineker’s hatrick against Poland and that amazing branding and mascot Pique!

7. Portugal / NIKE

Portugal World Cup 14 Kit
Another super cool stylish and simple design from NIKE… will Ronaldo cement himself as one of the true legends of the game in this kit? I don’t think so but I hope he sets the tournament alight with his majestic skill and goal scoring – just not against England…

6. Cote d’Ivoire / PUMA

Cote D'Ivorie World Cup 14 Kit
Very close to the top 5… Love this kit and, to me, it personifies the style, passion and power of the African football nations.

5. Argentina / ADIDAS

Argentina World Cup 14 Kit
Again, one for nostalgia of my first World Cup – those smart stripes worn by so many fabulous players – you can’t not love it. It’s the 2nd of 3 ADIDAS kits in the top 10 too.

4. Croatia / NIKE

Croatia World Cup 14 Kit
One of NIKE’s more outlandish designs, but in essence, still very clash, simple and clean in design. This will look great in the crowd with all the fans in them – a sea of red checks !

3. Brazil / NIKE

Brazil World Cup 14 Kit
The yellow that strikes fear into many a team – again NIKE keep things simple… you can’t go too far wrong when designing a Brazil kit.. I do wish they had added a little something to mark the fact they are the host nation – it will be a special World Cup in the ‘home of football’ and I think they may have missed a trick – that said, I still love it!

2. France / NIKE

France World Cup 14 Kit
Very, very close 2nd – just love, love, love this kit – I hope the French team do it justice. There is something beautifully retro about this design, a real winner.

1. Germany / ADIDAS

Germany World Cup 14 Kit
I don’t think there has been a German kit I have not loved… the green of Mexico ‘86 a particular favourite of mine; along with the zig-zag of the Italia ‘90 kit. This is just classy, and a nice touch with the 3 stars above the German crest. Adidas have done a wonderful job in re-engaging the German people with their heritage, crest and national flag colours. I have a funny feeling this will also be the winning shirt when the tournament draws to a close in mid-July…