Design Method

Signify launch graphic design, Guildford surrey

Working with clients at the forefront of technology is a pleasure and something we do not take for granted at Pelling Design. In the last 12 months Signify lighting have launched and rolled out its smart lighting for offices offering, InteractPro There are many reasons this is so exciting, not least the energy saving it offers companies. That, coupled with the complete control it allows companies to have of their lighting and you can see why this was such an important launch for Signify – it’s a unique product in a congested market place.

Pelling Design were enlisted in creating marketing and design materials to accompany the launch and roll out in the UK, designing and producing items such as banners, digital display items, brochures, case studies and exhibition materials – we even appeared in the client case study after having it installed in our own offices

I have always emerged myself in our clients so this was a unique opportunity to not only leave and breathe this technology, but reap the benefits. Pelling Design really do go the extra mile!

Working with a set of visually striking assets made our life quite straight forward, as did the vibrant, yet professional colour palette. The deep pink really works with the cool professional tone of the imagery. That said, it is easy to go wrong in the wrong hands, and Pelling Design take great pride in not only working on assets from scratch but also adapting to work with existing materials and making the most of what design elements are on offer.

This an underrated skill in our market but should not be overlooked. Designing within guidelines or previously created assets is arguably more challenging than starting from scotch. Working within set confines can often stifle creativity but at Pelling we have the experience to ‘think outside the box’ and still be as native with a set of stipulations, rules and guidelines. Never underestimate localisation work!