Design Method

Shenton Group

I have talked about making information beautiful before – here and it is something I try to hold true every day as a designer.

My personal style of design has always been based on a clean, modern foundation, being a fan of letting the text and imagery do the talking. I took great pleasure in living out my design ideals in this latest project for Shenton Group – there company brochure.

Lots of people may find generators a little dull, uninspiring and bland, but not me!

Creating this 128 page book was a exercise in design restraint. I created a very limited colour palette and used the brighter colours sparingly in flashes. This not only allowed the design to appear crisp and clean but also for the images, graphics, statistics and information to be easily readable and maximised accessibility.

To aid this simplistic design approach we were also tasked with creating sub brands to the umbrella brand we had previously conceptualised a few years earlier. We are still really pleased with Shenton Groups branding and it has really stood the test of time, confirming it to be a strong design piece. Utilising this design process we set about creating the 6 sub brand logos, adding in colours that would allow us to liven up data sheets, web pages and the company book!

Iconography was kept very simple so that the logos were instantly recognisable – I think you will agree the design works really well. Once these were added to the corporate book it really added another dimension.