Design Method

Philips Sonicare re-brand and re-positioning, Guildford Surrey

This campaign for Philips Sonicare was run in conjunction with our re-brand of Philips Zoom, which you can read about here;

The brief was much the same, in that the electronic toothbrush market is now very saturated and we needed to help elevate the sonicare brand above its competitors by producing a set of premium design, print and point of sale solutions.

The brief, as sent, was to revitalise and develop new exciting & premium Point of Sale assets to support the Philips Sonicare toothbrush brand. This new range of Point of Sale will need to appeal to the requirements of DP’s (dental professionals) and help them in gaining the attention of custoers, engaging them, and driving sales – and most importantly, assist in delivering the best patient experience for their customers

Our task therefore was to lift the 3 main offerings of each of thier premium brushes – diamonclean, flexcare platinum, sonicare for kids, airfloss pro and eascyclean – above their respective competitors

Philips Sonicare have the best power toothbrushes on the market but it was not being represented accordingly.

Step 1; we started by researching all competitors, their design and marketing materials created and what they offer patients / customers and point of purchase and throughout the sales funnel.. This gave us a really clear idea of what we would be up against and potential gaps we could exploit and gain a sales advantage

Step 2; Design visuals – We came up with multiple design and point of sale options and costed each with the help of our print and production partners.

Pelling Design work in a very specific way – we present 3 design and cost options. 1 safe, on brand and very value based. 2. middle of the road options, nothing too crazy but pushing the boundaries a little, and 3. a more ‘left of the middle’ approach – this generally comprises of more expensive solutions to help push the boundaries further and of what the client thought was possible

Step 3; ideas consolidation. by having these 3 options at our disposal, it gives us a and the client a great starting point and lots of conversation starters which is vitally important in ensuring we are meeting the brief. It also gives us a great set of design and print solutions, and along with the client we selected components we thought would work best from each set allowing us to stay in budget, but also push those boundaries alluded too earlier. You cannot often have a all signing and all dancing solution, quite often budget parameters play a major part so working this way allows us a really flexibility with the client.

Step 4; Get designing! Having a key campaign visual was really important to us and something we felt would help drive home a consistent message throughout the campaign. design wise, we tend to start with the words, and then work up picture options simultaneously.

After presenting multiple options to the client¬, all equally strong, we landed on ‘Healthier teeth and gums in 2 weeks’ and the female lead image you see here on all design, print and online touch points. It is perfect for the clients key demographics and the copy really drives home the product benefits and healthy message we feel is key.

Step 5; design roll out. The most time consuming aspect of the project was now rolling out the selected design and imagery created (in step 4) across all touch points identified in steps 2 – 3. This included brochures, leaflets, bags, totems, packaging, look-books, A4 – A0 posters, cubes, pop up display systems, banners, signage and stickers.

Step 6; Bags – one of the key opportunities we identifies in the sales funnel was the point of purchase. Sonicare patients were currently being handed over their power toothbrushes without any fan fare, meaning receiving the product was actually quite anti-climactic. By producing high specification, high quality, well designed premium bag options, we really made the patient feel like they were receiving a premium product.

Step 7; print. To really attain the premium look and feel we were after, print finishing would be key. High quality paper was selected, set at a nice weight (200gsm silk – 400gsm silk depending on format) and specified expansive print finishes such as lamination, Spot UV, and drip varnish.

There is no point in having a great design if it is not produced in accordance with the premium vision we presented.