Design Method

Nelsons Healthcare, Web Design And Branding, Wimbledon London, Surrey

Small Businesses like ours are the type that keep the economy going – owned by like minded, passionate people as myself. Working in partnership with other business owners and helping them grow their business is a privilege, and as I have said before – the best and most rewarding part of my my job – but, this is not necessarily why I wanted to own my own design agency.

When I started up, I had grand visions of working with big global brands, and by being lucky enough to do so has opened up many opportunities for us.

Unfortunately its not often as glamorous as the 24 year old me imagined – working within strict guidelines can be stifling, although I feel as a designer I have always managed to make the most of these constrictions and work within given parameters and still create strong design work. As I say to my designers, we have the boxes drawn out for us, but its up to us how we fill them – and that can still create wonderful aesthetics

So, it was of course a wonderful surprise when Nelsons Healthcare approached us to develop their values and brand strategy – we managed to combine the best of both worlds!

We had the privilege of working with a world renowned brand, whilst having the flexibility working with a small business owner allows you as a designer to come up with what ever you like!

The work entailed;

Design concepts for value proposition
Roll out externally – web pages, email communications and collateral
Roll out internally – Email communications, Office décor and internal communications collateral

The design look and feel we came up with had to work across all of these touch points completely seamlessly, which is no small task.

Using a modular design system allowed us to contain the expansive design elements we came up with, keeping the aesthetic dynamic, but still structured.

We created a DNA graphic that ran through all the values, timelines / history and accompanying design elements. This worked so well and combined with newly crafted colour ways, really stood out and sang

The nelsons team were so pleased with what we crated that we are currently expanding this look and feel across more design touch points, whilst exploring future possibilities.

If your brand is crying out for a face lift, and you have the vision to work with us, why not get in touch!