Design Method

Intuit ROW Website Design And Development, London Surrey

Pelling Design were massively excited when we won the tender to re-design, and re-build all of the Rest of World (RoW) territory websites for Intuit QuickBooks- 10 in total, and over 110 pages of content.

Territories included Singapore, Mexico, India and Hong Kong.

We were working within familure territory with the new Intuit Content Management System (CMS) Gutenberg – a derivative of Word Press.

We designed a modular system where we could create many different layouts whilst maintaining a strict structure and consistent look and feel.

It also allowed us to be expansive with the header area of the homepages and most important landing pages. We had to include a H1 and H2 with sub text, allow room for images / Product shots, and also the discount box which is hugely important to attracting new customers in different regions. Each element could be turned on ad off, or all included together without weighing down the aesthetic of the page design.

This also made the development process easier than it could have been. It allowed the developers to create a bank of assets they could call upon when building out any page.

Design wise we worked within content blocks so the UX of each page was seamless, allowing for user familiarity which in turn, harvests conversions.

The results were nothing short of stunning, vindicating the design and development process we worked on with Intuit. Sign ups went up a massive 9%, which inturn increased the GNS by 14%.

It was also more than encouraging to see sign ups rise by 8%, meaning there was plenty more in the pipeline.

Taking all of this into account, Intuit estimates a rise of 17% in revenue. If you want to work with a hugely talented and equally dedicated web design and development agency then lets have chat!