Design Method


How do you celebrate a brilliant year of marketing activity? – publish a beautifully designed book summarising each success story of course!

Pelling Design were asked to design and create a overview of Philips Lightings successful marketing campaigns covering the last 12 months and also outlining what the next 12 months hold.

Our advantage layed in the fact that we had actually worked on nearly all of the campaigns so we had a wealth of design resources to draw upon. Our inside knowledge of how each campaign worked and performed added a extra dimension to this project.

The first part of the process included us gathering all design assets and categorising them in Philips’ key performance areas – Customer first, Greater together, game changers and Passion for results.

Using these categories allowed us to tell a more structured story of the year. Designing each individual case study was great fun, and allowed us to see each project in its entirety. This showed how important it was to have a level of consistency with design work – once everything as pulled together you could clearly see a design them and brand guidelines running through all of the collateral. This, as a designer, was very fulfilling.

There were also key statistics to pull out in each project, such as Audience definition and Return on investment. Good Typography was important as we wanted to really make the key information stand out without getting lost in the numbers presented. We achieved this by combining good typography along with infographics, making all the information not only accessible but much more engaging.