Design Method

Dimension Data

Dimension Data are a global company offering a wide range of IT services. They are one of our long term clients and we have helped create a variety of assets from them, such as flyers, brochures, HTML emails etc…

Another aspect we help with is the design and build of microsites for the various educational events that Dimension Data hold. The microsites offer information on each event, but more importantly, provides a means by which participants can register themselves. We built the microsite from the ground up, creating a bespoke solution. The microsites were designed while keeping within brand guidelines, and were built to be responsive to ensure ease of use across all devices.

When the registration is filled in, this information is stored in a database and a notification is sent to both the registrant and member of staff responsible for the event. The registrant is offered the option to download an iCalendar, which then stores the relevant information (date, time, venue etc…) in their calendar. There is also a report section for the member of staff, where they can export a .csv report of all the registrations to date.

As we usually need to turnaround these microsites quickly, we specifically built them so that the key elements can be reused for future events. This not only speeds up the development, but also helps keeps costs low for the client.