Design Method

Website Usability

My wife and I have embarked on a once in. A lifetime house renovation this year, and my family and I have spent a good 4 months living with my dear old mother!

Whilst I was making myself a cup of tea I had a thought…

NOTE: She doesn’t make me tea when I go round anymore, far to interested in grandchildren, the renovation and what we are cooking for dinner.

… As I was ducking and diving form one cupboard to another I quickly realised I still remembered exactly where everything was, despite not living there for 20 years or so. What has this got to do with website usability I hear you ask!

Well, the answer to that is familiarity, or more precisely, putting and having things where people expect – Good UX!

Good UX can set any website apart from its completion. Clear navigation, simple CTA’s (call to action) and well structures capture forms.

Some websites are far too clever for their own good, the best websites stick to some very simple unwritten rules and regulations that makes them work seamlessly.. as I was in my tea making. Design and functionality and a good Content Management System (CMS) obviously play a huge part in this too.

There is no point in the user getting lost and not finding the information they came to find on your site in the first place… it needs to be as easily accessible and easy to find as possible, the fewer clicks the better.

I know my own office very well too, so if you want to come and have one of my cups of tea you are more than welcome… contact us here.