Design Method


To celebrate finally getting around to watching ‘The Last Dance on Netflix, and being reminded what a amazing trainer design the air jordan 1 was, I thought it would be cool to list out my top
ten trainers of all time.

Like any design, this is a highly subjective topic but I think there will be little argument with my top pick. In my opinion, with any design, simplicity rules – the simpler the better, the more
beautiful and ultimately the more pleasing on the eye to more people.

Our top pick is a great example of simple design standing the test of time.

So… here is my top ten

10. Reebok pump
not the most beautiful trainer reebok have designed but in terms of design innovation and impact, deserves a place in our top ten!

9. Fred Perry Classic
A design icon from a iconic brand. beautifully simple!

8. Adidas Stan Smith
Again, classic design that stands the test of time. these work in all types of colour ways, something adidas and nike often get right thus spreading the appeal of any given range.

7. Nike Air Max 90
Nike’s first (and not the last) design entry in our top ten. How did they design something so pretty in a age renound for garish rubbish! has undergone a renaissance of late and are once again everywhere you look!

6. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico
Our second oldest design on the list, again enjoying a renaissance since an appearance in the kill bill film franchise catapulted it back in to the trainer buying publics consciousness. Beautiful lines – gorgeous design – classic.

5. Nike Air Max 95
Would of been my number 1 design until very recently – i think nike have undone some of the mystique surrounding this elegant design with various hidious colour ways. Ironically having its 20 year anniversary!

4. Adidas Gazelle
Looks best in black in my humble opinion but this classic design works in all colour ways! popular with a very diverse range of genres / styles which speaks volumes of the design.

3. Nike Air Max 180
How cool are these – don’t wear mine much in fear of getting them dirty! only quibble… the cost!

2. Nike Air Jordan 1
A little controversial given the subject of this post, but i can’t ignore our number one choice… the jordan brand has not come close to replicating the design of there first in my opinion, bar maybe 3 and 4, but these are still head and shoulders above the rest – love the original jordan branding too, pre ‘jumpman’ logo.

1. Converse All Star
Has anyone not got a pair? really? go and get some. classic design and a fashion icon permanently at the fore-front of style.

PS. Ironically, I also recently watched back to the future again which bought us this amazing piece of design from nike. they have promised to bring these out so if you are reading – PLEASE MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!