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The power of video content

Video Content marketing

If you’re serious about promoting your business this year in the most user friendly way, building video content into your online marketing is definitely something you need to be considering.

This may seem hard to believe but with the digital world moving at such a fast pace, video content is fast becoming our future and there is strong evidence which suggests this will soon be far more significant in online searches and will gradually override written content.

What’s changed

In recent years we have seen a massive increase in mobile searches and social media interaction, which has really changed the internet world and led to this high demand for video content. More and more businesses are catching on to this new way of attracting and connecting with customers and it’s proving to be a very powerful platform, which could set you apart from the completion.

Youtube fact infographic

Some interesting facts

YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world, processing over 3 billion searches a month. Over 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute and nearly 1 of every 2 internet users are on YouTube. It’s pretty impressive really and is this is a big indicator to how businesses move forward with their online marketing.

So why video, can’t we be bothered to read anymore?

Although that’s partly true the real reason behind this shift in online tactics is simple really. Something visual such as video, animation or infographic is a lot more engaging and quicker to digest than text. The fact is, many people would much rather watch a video then spend time reading through pages and pages of content. Video grabs attention, it’s entertaining, educating, inspiring and can be a lot more compelling that text. It just brings us that step closer to human connection and creates a visual memory which lasts.

What are the benefits?

There are so many! This platform of marketing gives you the opportunity to inject personality and passion into you message that words can’t always portray. Thanks to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, video can be posted and easily shared across all areas of the web, reaching out to many different audiences. YouTube videos bring huge SEO advantages too. Being the second largest search engine right after Google (who now own YouTube) videos account for 70% of Googles top 100 searches and will only increase as time goes on.

Where to start

There are numerous ways video can be used to draw in potential customers and promote your business. For instance, some of the most popular searches for YouTube videos found on page one of Google include keywords such as “how to”, “reviews”,”tutorials”, “top tips”, perfect for any business!

No matter what you decide to create a video about remember the key is to keep it interesting. Don’t let it overrun and be sure to include a call to action at the end such as commenting, liking or visiting your website. It’s important that you are able to measure results.

One more point

Integrating video into your marketing strategy is a great new way to connect with users and has many advantages, however don’t abandon written content altogether. Using the power of video and written content will get you the best of both worlds.

Our web development team here at Pelling Design can help you get started. We can create eye catching video infographics which will really enhance the messages you want to get across to your customers. Take a look at one we produced in our last blog.