Design Method

The Power of Imagery


I have just finished writing a blog about our top 5 kit designs for the up and coming Euro2016 tournament, which reminded me to watch a documentary I had recorded about Euro96.

All I can say is – wow.

It was a emotional roller coaster even after all these years, seeing and hearing the key players (Manager Terry Venables, Alan Shearer, Teddy Sherringham, David Seaman, Gazza, Stuart Pearce) recount – with great pride – that warm summer of 96 when football bought a entire nation together.

The closest I have had to this feeling since was the London Olympics in 2012. So many iconic images that are now part of our sporting folklore.

It got me thinking about how imagery (much like music) can evoke such powerful emotions, and transport you back to that time.

It was the age of Britpop, Oasis vs Blur, ‘New Labour’ coming to the political fore and Damien Hurst was the most important artist in the world – a great time to live in England.

When creating a piece of design, images are obviously very important, but few people realise just how important. Whether they are black and white, colour, portrait or landscape, if used correctly they can take a piece of design up a level.

All of this has inspired me to create this simple collage – a picture paints a thousand words – lots of pictures must paint millions then… Hopefully you out there of a certain age will appreciate this.

What a summer – what memories, what great imagery!

Collage of EURO96 photography