Design Method

Sporting Heroes


Staying as creative as possible is a lot easier said than done. We are lucky enough to have some wonderful clients who allow us to be as creative as possible but its good fun breaking free every once in a while.

As designers, its important to be inspired, and that often comes from a personal interest outside of work, which is why at Pelling we encourage all our creatives to take some time to experement. Whether it be with the latest digital trends or a new print style, it is a powerful exercise and one worth making time for.

I recently attended a lecture by Paul Smith at the new Disign Museum, and one of the many, many wonderful subjects he discussed, the idea of ‘making time for you’ creatively is something he still actually practices today.

When Paul started his first shop, he purposfully shut for 3/4 days a week to pursue his own creative aspirations and develop himself as a designer, uncompromised by the more mundane ‘earning’ work.

Don’t worry though, we wont be shutting – and our day to day work is far from mundane!

We actually got the idea from my childrens school where they have ‘golden time’ – time they earn to essentially do what they want!

Design is obviously one of my passions, but my first love (besides my family!) is cycling, and more generally sport. So, what better way to showcase some great design work than via my sporting heroe’s.

Using a style of illustration/photo manipulation discussed here I have created this series, soon to be printed and hung in my home office!

By using key images from each of my heroe’s illustrious carrears, I think these are striking, powerful peices of art.

Bradley Wiggins – Head and action shot from his last Paris Roubaix tilt, coupled with a yellow jersey shot on the Champ Eleeys moments away from being crowned the first Briton to win the Tour De France on 2012 and a still from his successful hour record attempt in 2015.

Lewis Hamilton – Headshot from team photograph session 2016, with a vctory salute from his 2015 Britsih Grand Prix triumph along wit ha xaction shot from Monaco Grand Prix 2016.

Jessica Ennis – the most iconic image from London 2012, crossing the line teamed with Adidas promo shots for the Stella McCartmey GB Team uniform laucnh and with her Olympic Gold Medal post London 2012.

Micahel Jordan – victory salute vs Utah Jazz, NBA Finals 1998 along with shots from the Slam Dunk Contents 1986 and 1987. Action shot from NBA eregular season game 1997.

I hope you like – I loved doing these and am already working on my next passio project – music!