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Quick QuickBooks Unique Selling Point – A Case Study In Action

What’s your USP? Sometimes it’s not always obvious… it turned out ours was something different to what I originally thought when I first set up all those years ago.

It actually took me a while to work it out, and it wasn’t until Pelling Design were fully engaged with what have turned out to be some long-standing clients of ours.

Pelling Design have been working with intuit, owner of QuickBooks – a specialist accounting software – for the best part of a decade now.

Intuit react to what is going on in the market at anytime, whether it be new payroll legislation or the change in VAT so they need an agency with the capacity and flexibility to deliver a high quality product at the drop of a hat.

Pelling Design fit this mold perfectly, in fact I think this sums up our USP very nicely. There is no point in having something quickly if it’s no good, and there is no point in having something that is beautiful but late. You need both and that is what we specialise in.

Not the most succinct USP I admit, but a powerful one. I find it quite hard to articulate even to this day, but it quickly becomes apparent was soon as we start working with anyone!

Using our vast design and marketing knowledge and high skill base in all facets of graphic design and web development, we can turn our hand to most things and quickly become experts ourselves – just check out our growing for proof of our diverse range if clients.

We are now undertaking work for the global team of intuit, validation of all the good work we have done to date.

Here are a couple of examples of work we have completed for various team members at intuit.

So if you need strong marketing materials, good quality and yesterday, we are your agency.