Design Method

Philips Office Branding

At Pelling we are really proud of our diverse abilities across the design spectrum. From digital design, web design, point of sale design, animation, powerpoint design, advertising and literature design. We also work on lots of exhibition materials – see here as well as large format advertising, and now – office branding!

Check out these great images of the Philips offices in Guildford Surrey that we have recently designed, printed and fitted.

Using a mixture of lifestyle photography, product photography, iconography, retro images and typography we designed a set of graphics to liven up and bring to life different parts of the Philips head quarters offices in Guildford, Surrey.

We loved using the retro images in particular, and these were central to our design concept. We felt the perfectly captured the history, innovation and style of Philips as a company – plus they looked great. There is always a place for retro style in graphic design, it always seems to be fashionable and if utilised correctly, can be incredibly impactfull.

We only chose images that would compliments some of the more modern lifestyle and product shots, ensuring they did not look out of place. We worked our designs up after a office visit and studying the plans and the flow of the office. After our design concept submission and subsequent design development work we then worked up our designs at 10% scale and submitted for print.

These were ten printed on our in house flat bed and laser cut to size making installation simple. These were then fitted over 1 day, bringing to life the office and making a for a nice surprise to all the employees when they walked in the following Monday morning.