Design Method

Windsor And Harris Landscapes, Website Development, Epsom Surrey

Having recently undergone our own renovation project, it was great timing to be approached by Windsor and Harris Landscapes as we had a sympathetic ear and understanding of the industry we may not of otherwise had.

There are also other interesting parallels to draw on, not least the one of aesthetic and design and the subjective nature of what we do!

Windsor and Harris existing website did not appeal to its ideal clientele – home owners with surplus income – so the first port of call was to get the design right.

Looking good – and looking good at what you do are of paramount importance in the design industry, whether it be website design, graphic design, or indeed – garden design. If people want their garden to look good, the people undertaking the work need to too.

That sounds obvious, but after researching the industry before undertaking our design work, it was not something considered industry wide.

This gave us a great opportunity to elevate the Windsor and Harris brand above its competition by improving and overhauling the aesthetics.

We created a relatively sparse colour palette – black, grey and gold – that would work well with the predominantly green imagery of the site, and really help the images stand out and sing.

We included some contemporary graphic tints ad kept the typography clean, simple and easy to read.

Coding the site were our team of developers who ensured the vision was bought to life. I have said it here a few times before, but having a strong understanding between the design and development team is one of the many things I believe sets Pelling Design apart from its competition.

This is another interesting parallel with our businesses… Windsor and Harris talk about the importance of good communication between the design team and the team out on the road executing the work (the developers)

Having a well built site, coded SEO ready, obviously plays an important role in getting the site seen. There is no point in having a beautiful, functional design and no one can find it!

Windsor and Harris gain most of their business through good relationships and word of mouth, but the hope is that this website can begin to create a new revenue stream, as well as working as a strong point of reference for prospective clients.

So if you want a beautiful, well performing website – or anything else design and development related – please drop us a line!