Design Method

VIRTUAL PANEL Website Design And Development, Surrey

Investments, banking and finances can be a very drab affair at the best of times, but we love a challenge at Pelling Design so we welcomed this brief from Virtual Panel with open arms. VP wanted a new website that showcased their unique offering within the financial investment market space and create a central hub for all of their content – videos, webinars, white papers and case studies

We saw it as a great design challenge and thus a great opportunity to do something unique within a industry that is arguably a little stagnant when it comes to design and aesthetics in general

As a rule of thumb, if you produce a clean, sparse design with a splash of blue, you have yourself a great looking website

So, we our design team decided to go in exactly the opposite direction and produce a rather innovative design in black. Yes, black

As well as flying in the face of design convention within the finance industry, our other design reasoning was that the existing Virtual Panel brand mark was in yellow… this looked great set on a rich black back drop and really lent itself to a dynamic look and feel

Imagery can also be a dangerous trap within this type of market – its all been done and seen before and can be very mundane. We did not want any ‘shaking hand’ images in sight.

So, we went down a route we have explored within other industries – abstract and slightly beyond immediate recognition. These, if used correctly, can be very dynamic too.

This is a interesting point to pick up, as I view this as one of our design teams strengths. As we work across a multitude of industries our designers have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. It not only allows the design team to stay fresh, engaged and knowledgeable, but we often utilise a idea, a design trend or a thought process that has worked well In a totally different industry that we know will work well in another.

The net result of all of the above is that we ended up with a great looking website that houses a multitude of assets, all clearly displayed and easily accessible!