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TENDER RESPONSES - Guildford, Surrey

Carving out a niché for yourself is always beneficial, particualrly in business. You can quickly become the go-to-team for similar projects and become THE experts.

We found ourselves in this very situation after helping Philips with a successful tender response for a massive opportunity to win a large, long and fruitful contract.

We are not saying we won it for them, but the work we did helped Philips present them selves as a serious contender, coming across infinitely more professional than their competitors. It was a unique way to present a tender response, a fully designed suite of designed communications.

Using 100’s of pages of copy that was supplied to us, we dissected into easily readable sections and designed and created a easy to follow colour coded tabulation system. Another key part to the tender was presenting the multitude of tables, charts and data into easily readable bite size snippets. This was a massive challenge and was key to this being successful. Using the full Adobe suite of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat we re-drew and re-created all this information and not only kept on brand but made to look beautiful.

To break up the tables, charts and copy we introduced the use of photography, also a unique look in tender responses. We felt they added personality, personalisation as well as serving a functional role by showing the receiving team the products and services ‘in the flesh’.

We have since worked on several other large tender responses - our niché is carved!

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