Design Method

Stemmer Imaging, Farnham Surrey

Another local company found us online – Pelling Design now have such a strong web presence in Surrey – there are so many amazing businesses in and around Farnham, Surrey, Guildford and the surrounding areas – it is a real pleasure working with local businesses and helping them grow!

Stemmer Imaging work in one of those amazing little places tucked away down a street you go past nearly every day and never realise what is down there! The joys of rural England!

On to the serious stuff! Stemmer Imaging are fast growing German imaging company with clientele in multiple industries, including Automotive, Defence, Electronics, Factory, Food and Beverage, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Print, Scientific Research, Sports and Entertainment and many many more.

We were desperate to work with Stemmer and even more so after we initially met them and pitched Pelling Designs capabilities – what an amazing industry to work in.

Thankfully they decided to go ahead with Pelling design and we set about the project in hand – a major overhaul of their corporate presentations.

Being fast growing means they are constantly pitching to like minded investors and investment consortiums so looking and sound profession and as experts in tehir field is of paramount importance.

It was also important to allow Stemmer the flexibility and agility to adapt their presentations on the fly at the drop of a hat, so it was our task to equip them with the tools to do so.

PPT is much maligned, but as is often the case with things people don’t understand, they tend to give it unfair critisism.

If you know how to use it and utilise the software to the best of its capabilities, it’s a wonderful piece of technology.

Great design can translate to any platform, so we are not daunted by using PPT and as you can see here, the presentations look great.

After doing a thorough audit of all the copy and imagery involved, we set up 6 design template pages that could be used to build the 9 presentations and keep them on brand, on style and looking consistent.

We also created a image bank, icon bank and table / graph bank that the team at Stemmer could utilise for any presentations in the future.

Don’t be put off using PPT -just make sure you seek the right help to bring your presentations to life