Design Method


At Pelling we have many local clients in the Farnham, Surrey. Whilst it is a privilege to work for large blue chip companies such as Philips, RYOBI, Citizen Watches, QuickBooks and Walgreens Boots Alliance, we take great pride in our local reputation and loving working with and for small businesses in the area.

Dealing directly with small business owners is a entirely different relationship than working with a marketing team at said large companies.

The passion for their company often shines through and it is up to us to harness that in any communications we develop. That passion was never more evident than when we dealt with Squires Garden Centre.

We designed and developed a set of communications to launch their new cafe in the shepperton branch and came up with this classy, exclusive campaign style. Using stock imagery, we utilised the ‘negative space’ of this particular image to great effect, designing and laying out the iconography and typography to compliment the sparse nature of picture.

Again, starting with a poster, we were able to roll out across multiple design touch points, including social posts, web banners, invites, outside banners, tickets and adverts. These communications were then printed on high quality media both digitally and lithographically – speaking of which – check out our blog on the pro’s and cons of both.