Design Method

Spare Space Storage

Spare Space Storage is a new company that allows users to rent unused storage directly to other users. They were seeking an agency that could not only come up with a strong brand, but also create a website that satisfies their unique requirements.

After having an initial meeting with the client to discuss their brief, we were chosen out of a handful of local agencies due to our past experience building websites with fully bespoke functionality.

We started by creating several mock ups of the logo as this would be the foundation upon which the entire brand would be built. We played around with various concepts, and worked with the client to come up with a flexible and easily recognisable logo.

Once the logo had been finalised, our designers set about creating a clean, modern design for the website. Based on the client’s anticipated user base, we had to ensure that the navigation was easy to use, and the calls to action as clear and prominent as possible.

While the website design was being worked on, we set up a holding page on the domain and then started coding the website on our development server. There were many aspects to this website, such as integration with Google’s Geocoding API, proximity search as well as a full fledged user management system and the ability to manage storage spaces etc… We therefore ran extensive tests to ensure that all of these worked as intended on a range of devices and browsers. We also future-proofed the website by building the code and database in such a way, so that future additions can be achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Upon completion of the website, we invited the client to our office for a 1 hour training session to ensure they knew their way around the website.

Complex sites such as these are very enjoyable to build as they provide a unique set of challenges that need to be solved. Code development is all about problem solving, and it is very rewarding when you create a solution that not only works, but is built in a clean, efficient and expandable way.

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