Design Method

RUTLAND PHOTOGRAPHY, Branding, Website Design And Development. Surrey

Working with customers within the creative industry can have its perks. A appreciation and understanding of design and aesthetics for a start. This can also have its downfalls of course – there is after all no hiding place.

When clients approach us regarding a branding and design project, the brief is often very open… meaning its entirely down to use to create something from scratch, which is a graphic designers / branding experts dream brief.

It becomes quite the challenge when the client themselves have strong opinions even before you lay pen to paper. But branding is never as easy as it looks, and we love a challenge. It would be boring if every project was the same. Having a strong direction dictated to you probably requires more skill to work within for our design team than the ‘open brief’ we all prefer. Matching what is in a clients mind eye is no easy design task!

Laying pen to paper is indeed our first port of call. I have spoken about our process in the section of our website before, but it is always worth mentioning again – we are all very traditional designers, meaning we can all draw! A much overlooked skill in this day and age and saturated market of design agencies we operate in.

Whilst working within tight design parameters, its often worth showing these initial scamps to make sure that we are on the right lines, design wise.

As our internal design process dictates, we presented 3 – 4 different design options, each with their own colour and font variations. We then developed the chosen design through to artwork stage and supplied a logo pack. In this case, we developed a dynamic ‘R’ which packed quite the punch colour wise – we were really pleased with how this came out and it has a nice nod to the photography style of branding of old.

Next on our design list was the task of creating a website. The key here was to not only show off Rutlands skill sets, but most importantly capture the essence of what they do within the design – capturing and preserving cherished memories

This meant great picture choices, showcasing the brand and its punchy colours and being clear about how their process worked.

Ad the images were so important, we went about creating a vast contact sheet of image options that they could choose from… this allowed us to really go to town with how images are utilised within the design – big, expansive and captivating to the audience

We built this site – as we do with the majority of our sites – onto wordpress.

We integrated the usual plugins like analytics, Yoast and AutoOptimise. The website was also entirely designed and built with mobile devices in mind. Rutland has a high percentage of mobile visitors and purchasers.

We were really pleased with how this branding and website design and development project turned out – get in touch if you want to make it to our design showreel!