Design Method

Pulsa Gas, Woking Surrey

Our own website, and the work we have done in promoting ourselves this year has really paid off and we have had some great enquiries via it over the last 12 months We like to think our site sits proudly among the best in Farnham, Surrey and beyond. Any enquiries we get are always very complimentary on our website – the design, look and feel and personal / family nature it conveys.

One of those was Move In 3d – a innovative body weight exercise program that launched locally. They loved our website, and as a result were really keen to work with us.

Neil and his team had a relatively unique design brief, in that it comprised of a existing ‘scribble’ and the need for 3 sub brands to represent the key ore exercise groups their regimes were based upon.

In this instance, Neil and his team went with option 2 so we set about researching competition, potential clients, demographic and aesthetics of similar companies.

Quite often this is great research to share with the clients, but just as often they are happy for us to get on with and trust that we have done the necessary work!

Once this work was complete we once again sat with the client and went through wat we had found and discussed potential ideas. This was a collaborative meeting with the rest of our design team involved.

This then allowed us to move to start the design process and begin executing some of our initial ideas.

As outlined, we generally produce 2/3 design options, among which we show colour, font and layout options for each. This allows, if needed, the client to mix and match as they see fit… although quite often we get it pretty right with one of the designs!

This is always my favourite part of the process and really allows for a great brainstorming session with the design team with lots of colours, ideas and fonts flying around!