Design Method


Psychology Direct connects psychologists in various sectors with clients. They asked us to redesign their current website and add various customisations so that they can provide more value for their clients.

The previous developer built the website on WordPress, so we built a new bespoke theme and extended the functionality by building our own plugin and custom posts.

The current website can be viewed here. The new one is specified above.

We have not added screenshots for this website as the pages are very long. However, areas of interest are:

Across the site

WordPress by default has a single editor for each page, which limits how much content you can edit on pages with more complex layouts. We customised WordPress to add the ability to edit each section, so that the client can better maintain the website.

Resource Centre

Each sector has their own specific resource centre, which is categorised to make it easier for the end user to find relevant content.


The FAQs list various commonly asked questions. Again, it is categorised to make it easier for the end user.