Design Method


We have been working with Philips for a number of years, and in 2017 we were asked by Philips to help them celebrate 25 years of Sonicare. We did this by creating an animation based on the history, growth and success of the product. With a rich history we immediately began by going through all the landmarks and picking out the key dates. Working with Philips to collate the timeline we had the first step of preproduction complete.

Going through archives and the image library to source all the historic images and information we needed, we were able to collate a huge source file of interesting and significant memorbilia to work with. This was the base that we were able to build a storyboard from. Creating a theme to run through the entire video was something that is very integral when creating an animation such as this. For us, we landed on the timeline itself, being able to then filter in and out certain events in the history of Sonicare whilst still telling a story that is intriguing and interesting.

Picking the right music and finding a voice over actor is something that is always challenging as many people have different views on what they like and what they dislike. Fortuntely for us, we were able to work with some great professionals whose work really added something special to the final product. The tempo and personality of the project can be made with something as simple as a piece of music. This is something that we understand well at Pelling and worked diligently to ensure we had the correct aspirational and uplifting piece.

The client was looking for something to capturen not only the history of Sonicare but also show the excitement they have for it’s future. This video, is short, snappy and full of promise. Balancing the legacy with the open possibilities of the future. This feeling is created by the short, bouncy transitions used to go from one clip to another and forward motion of using a central point in the video such as the timeline.