Design Method

PHILIPS HEALTHCARE – Design And Animation. Guildford Surrey

Storytelling is really at the heart of everything we do. I don’t think there will be many design agencies who would ever say anything different.

Branding is storytelling. Design is storytelling. Websites tell a story.. business cards are the first chapter of a story.. the introduction! It is also at the heart of any animation– a great animation tells the story of your business.

This was the design task handed to Pelling by Philips… to tell the innovative story of Philips’ Transformative diagnostic care offering roll out in England

We are often tasked with showing off a innovation, whether it be tech, invention or a little bit of both – the Key to showcasing any sort of innovation is that the design should be reflective of that innovation.

We were in awe of the advancement in thinking as well as the huge infrastructure involved in theis project and wanted to do it justice with our design and animation

Working within the Philips design guidelines, we developed and slick look and feel that made up a seamless, easy flowing and informative story. Not too long, not too shot, just right

We stick by a flexible design system when developing any animation that ensures any story is told clearly and concisely. These are.

  1. Design brainstorm session
  2. Scribble – all off to our note pads
  3. Design meeting on script
  4. Script development
  5. Client to sign off script
  6. Voice over through to approval. This helps with timelines of animation
  7. Designers mock up storyboards based on approved script
  8. Storyboards include animation annotations for animator
  9. Sumbit storyboards to client for approval
  10. Amends / design refinement
  11. First pass animatic. This allows us to confirm all timings and iron out any transition discrepancies
  12. Fist pass animation
  13. Approval of animation

Following this design process allows full transparency at each stage and ensure the client not only has a full understanding of the tory but also knows what they are getting in terms of transitions, movement and style.