Design Method

PHILIPS, Guildford Surrey

Your challenge, if you chose to accept it, is to fit 7 products, 600 words, codes and numbers, 14 product feature icons, 3 caveats and 2 photos all onto 1 page

No thanks!

Its for the prestigious Philips and Argos brands

Oh go on then!

It’s a daunting task, but someone has to do it!

Pelling Design were commissioned by the trade marketing team to design 8 product pages for Argos.

This was a mammoth task, and one that needed strictly structuring from the very start. It was going to involve a lot of copy, a lot of images, a lot of icons, a lot of everything so it all needed to be collated carefully. This is the often unseen part of any design project – but the planning is arguably the most important part of the design process. If this is done properly, it allows more time fopr creativity, it gives the design teams more freedom by knowing everything they need is a couple of clicks away.

Rather than being hamstrung by bad planning Pelling design always emphasise the importance of planning – not just for complex projects like this, but even for the perceived simpler.

Design projects – they are only simple design projects if they are planned properly!

Working with the various marketing managers, product managers and our design team, we ensured time was spent up front getting everything together so the design team could hit the ground running.

Part of the process was made easier by the new improved design templates supplied by Argos, so we can’t take all the credit for how they came out.

Instead of the normal 4-5 templates we now had nearly 20 to work with adding a lot more flexibility to the process.

Our highly skilled designers could now quickly identify which template they think world work best with the information and assets at hand and The Return on investment was great too which made the project even more enjoyable – Philips were the No.1 Shaving brand, No. 2 IPL brand, OneBlade was the fastest growing customer at 63% and to top it all off, all 1171 steamer units sold out by week 35 – a record!