Design Method

Perry Hill, Guildford Surrey

Perry Hill, a leading commercial property agency contacted us to help design and build a new, refreshed website for them. The company already had branding in place that we had to work with.

This is something a lot of clients come to us with, so we began to familiarise ourselves with their brand and how we could keep within the guidelines whilst creating something, new, fresh and eye catching.

This is an often overlooked skill – getting up to speed with a existing brand is vitally important to ensure you can fit in with their established demographic, established look and feel – and perhaps most importantly, push the boundaries without making whatever asset you create stand out like a sore thumb.

Working as a team of designers and developers we went into preproduction, understanding exactly what needed to be built in the back end and how that could be represented visually to the viewer.

Other considerations that went into the design was the best way to ensure that the design worked in a fully responsive setting.

Working across all devices. The design was made to maximise the legibility, ensuring that the property and product details we at the forefront of the design.

Utilising photography as the most important aspect. There was also consideration put into the menu as there was a lot of information to be placed on the website. This way wherever the viewer is on the website, they are only a click away from viewing the properties that the client is promoting.

By using a simple CMS (Content Management System) the website is easily kept up to date, meaning the client can control all the properties for sale and remove the sold properties at a click of a button.