Design Method

OMNI-ID, Branding, Web Design And Development Farnham Surrey

Pelling Design pitched and won the Omni-ID account right in the middle of lockdown 2020. It was such a great thrill to win this particular account as not only was the business world facing such a uncertain future, but they were such a fantastic, visionary company and one right in our doorstep – literally 3 miles own the road.

Whilst RFID tagging on the face of it does sound that exciting, the more you delve into what Omni-ID do and how they do it, you cannot help but be impressed and get sucked in to the possibilities and wider ramifications / benefits of what these tags can bring any number of companies, industries and sectors

Now, obviously showing picture of what is essentially a label will not do. It will not begin to come close to explain or identifying what it is that Omni-ID do.

Pelling Design presented a range of exciting design concepts, one of which stood out among the rest. Communicating how clever the technology in these labels is via a image was something that we thought could be really powerful, simple and as clever as the tags themselves. We decided we could capture this via nature, its beauty and its sheer scale.

Take a dandelion, its millions of seeds, or a huge shoal of fish deep, deep in the ocean – being able to identify a single one of these would be impossible. But, that is what these RFID Tags can do, along with offering a massive wide range of clever tracking elements such as heat detection or movement.

We married these exciting brand images with values, colours, fonts, templates for case studies, white papers, brochures, PowerPoint and emails.

We deigned and created;
Brand book
Powerpoint templates
Emails for CRM
Stationery, including letterheads, business cards and compliment slips)
Email sign offs and digital adverts

The website also had its unique challenges. The vast number of unique products that Omni-ID offer were on their existing site, but as outdated, inaccessible and hard to update data sheets.

The main task for Pelling Design and our developers was creating a single data base that stored all product information with the ability to then feed this data into a coded template that could be downloaded, printed and saved by clients and visitors to the site. No easy task, but one met with great relish by our developers.

There was also a huge amount of technical information, sub brands, and branding / company content that needed to be included to make up one massive, powerful resource of information. Add to that all the case studies, white papers and user guides we re-branded, and you need not go anywhere else to learn about RFID tagging!

We were able to roll out all of our exciting brand elements across the site, really bringing everything to life for a exciting launch at the beginning of 2021!