Design Method

Modrum Consulting Branding, Farnham Surrey

Stepping out on your own and starting a new business is scary, but very, very rewarding.

Peoples inspiration, driving force and circumstance all play a part in the ‘why’ and Modrum Consultants were no different.

Mike’s inspiration and driving force was a burning desire to set up on his own, safe in the knowledge his skills stacked up and often exceeded the people he was already working for and with.

And the circumstance was arguably the introduction of the new IR35 laws and the way in which freelancers and contractors work

Due to our ongoing SEO efforts promoting our company not only locally in Farnham, but also Surrey wide, Mike selected Pelling from a shortlist of agencies so we were very proud to beat out some strong competition

Now for the fun part – branding and website design / development to get Mike and Modrum Consultants up and running!

As we start every branding project, we met (Via zoom!!!) to chat through likes, dislikes, colours, fonts, websites that work, websites that don’t work, value propositions, logos and tine of voice

Gaining a insight into the above informs how my team and I approach the project, especially when first starting logo design visuals. We always work up two to three options, with each design concept having one or two different colour ways to choose from.

This is a complete approach and often pretty fool proof. We often nail it with one of the options, or sometimes it’s a case of amalgamating a couple of the design options and trying out a few different colour ways before we fully nail it

Once the logo and colour ways were sorted – a lovely aqua blue and vibrant mustard yellow / green – we were able to start looking at collateral mock ups and web site design

We introduced a dynamic split across the design, utilising the negative space crated on the ‘M’ within the logo itself, creating a really effective synergy and producing a flexible design theme we could roll out and carry though all design touch points.

We always identify the most effective touch points to work on before we start. This not only maximises the clients budget but allows us to be efficient as possible with out time and maximises the Return on Investment (RoI)

We created
Brand book
PowerPoint presentation templates
Email templates
Stationer (business cards, letterheads and compliment slips)
Email signatures

This allowed Mike to start his new venture and really attack new business ventures with the confidence that only comes having a strong brand behind you

If you want to confidently attack a new business venture, why not get in touch