Design Method

Mitchell Palmer, Guildford Surrey

After working alongside Mitchell Palmer on a joint project, DUSSUP ANIMATION, we were hired to redevelop their own website.

Networking among our existing clients has always been the best source of new business for Pelling Design. They know how good we are at our job already so the sell in is always easier, and they already have confidence in our team, their skills and know what we bring to the table.

The design brief was to create something more modern and exciting. Using the current company logo and existing colour scheme we went about designing the new look for the website.

Working with a existing brand is a often overlooked skill – having a design team / agency that can work alongside existing brand guidelines can be key to the brands success.

Quite often a partnering agency can steam in and rip up a perfectly good rule book just for the sake if it, rather than acknowledge what already works really well.

Based on the research we had completed, we realised the way to get the most out of the user experience, the design needed to be clean, fun and inviting. This suits the personality of the business exactly, while portraying the clear professional message.

One of the requirements for this project was that the website needed to be designed and built to be mobile friendly and responsive, as all of our websites are built to be responsive, this was already a priority going into the design stage.

During the design phase we work closely with the client in order to assure that all the needed functionality has been added, the message is clear and concise and that the most important elements stand out in the content hierarchy. The website itself is clean and easy to use, but it was also built with the client in mind. Meaning we made it easy to update and maintain, giving the client a large amount of control as the website and business progresses after completion.

Upon completion of the website, we invited the client to our office for a 1 hour training session to ensure they knew their way around the website and the CMS (Content Management System) Having a shiny new website is no good if no one knows about it Getting to know the CMS (Content Management System) allows the client to confidently utilise this great new marketing tool without the continuous support of a design agency. That said, we are always around if you need us!