Design Method

Intuit Ordering Point, Website Design And Development, London Surrey

Interaction with your key clients is tough and hard to accomplish without the proper tools. Combining that with creating new revenue opportunities is even tougher!

That was the task for Pelling Design, put to them by Intuit Quickbooks. We conceptualised a tool that could service existing clients – accountants and bookkeepers – of Intuit Quickbooks, and at the same time be utilised as a tool to attract new ones.

The ‘Order Point’ hosts marketing collateral that can be utilised by the accountants and bookkeepers to gain new customers.


  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Point Of Sale
  • Email templates
  • Social media templates
  • Digital adverts
  • Email signatures
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Micro Site templates

This obviously makes a attractive tool for the bookkeepers and we also developed a marketing campaign to attract new accountants and bookkeepers using the Order Point as central communications tool. We aggressively marketed via social channels and via email to a pre-identified set of contacts based on key demographic informamtion and data.

From a technical point of view, the Order Point Site behaved like a Ecom site, with a customer portal log in, shop interface displaying the collateral, order limits and delivery infrastructure.

We designed the interface and UX of the site in the same way too, and utilised Intuit QuickBoks illustration style to lighten the aesthetic and add a playful element to the look and feel.

By simplifying the workstream and stripping the UX right back to basics, this allowed for a seamless customer experience The Order Point has revolutionised the way Intuit QuickBooks interacts and communicates with existing and prospective clients, and all for the better.

If you want to revolutionise the way you communicate with your customers, lets talk!