Design Method


What is your companies USP (Unique Selling Point)? Pelling Designs is relatively simple – Go the extra mile and get the job done – but not just done – done brilliantly.

There is no point having a design agency that can do things really quickly but then the design output is not up to scratch. This completely defeats the object of getting something designed. In the same breath, there is no point in getting something beautiful, but it is after the set deadline – again, totally pointless.

So, although our USP sounds simple, its actually incredibly hard to achieve, maintain and deliver at a consistent pace and standard.

This has always good us in good stead with our larger clients, who need our constant flexibility and high standard – none more so than Inuit. Especially the QuickBooks team in Australia which utilises our USP to its maximum!

the fast paced nature of the small business accounting software marketing is the perfect proving ground for Pelling Design and we are constantly helping delver hard hitting, effective and beautiful marketing campaigns and assets for all manner of events and promotions.

QuickBooks Connect is their yearly conference where they have 100’s of clients and potential clients through the door and a perfect captive audience. Pelling Design managed all pre and post event design and communications, from emails, digital display, brochures, exhibition stands and social posts.

We created a concept that drove at the heart of small business and their need to be agile, flexible and one step ahead of their competitors – Get Ahead of the Game.

Using this strapline, logo lock up and a variety of SME photo stills we rolled out a song campaign with a ROI above expectations.