Design Method

ESEYE, Website Design And Development, Guildford Surrey

‘Not looking like a IT company’ is a thing… honestly.

IT companies, to me at least, have a tendency to look the same… ‘futuristic digital’ images, which in fact look like they were rendered in 1996, bad iconography, worse language, and really bad websites!

So, it was a great pleasure when Pelling Design one the tender for the Eseye website. A major up and coming player in the ever expanding and growing IoT, Eseye needed to look the part, walk the walk and talk the talk.

Imagery was our first port of all, and working with the new brand architecture and copy writing, we went about matching the new messaging with some dynamic imagery not seen in the IT industry

Using the ‘no limits’ brand message, we based our searches on imagery that would communicate the pushing of boundaries, taking risks and dynamcy.

Once images were sourced, we went about making them work online and creating a website page design that would help maximise their impact. Full screen and utilising the eseye logo shape for added impact really bought the images to the fore!

Secondary images played a important part I. the page design too, drawing the eye down the page and bringing otherwise mundane information modules to life.

The case studies are my particular favourite part of the site – the imagery is super impactful and shows the strong effect a powerful IoT network can have on a project. These were previously always in the background, but our design really bought them to the forefront.

The overlapping elements of the page design were a challenge for our developers, but one they really rose too and nailed. It was not easy to code but was time well spent in our opinion.

Again, it is the little touches that may look simple, but they really elevate the website and the design.

Using coded modules built into the Content Management System (CMS) will allow the Eseye marketing team to easily keep the site up to date, add pages and amend existing ones – a important part of the brief.

With COVID being in full effect during this project, training on the CMS was undertaken via zoom and socially distanced meetings!

There is nothing ‘IT’ looking about this website and we really love it. Everyone was very proud when this 1st part of the project came to a close, and the team at Eseye have really utilised the site in its first few months.

Pelling Design continue to work with Eseye in adding to the resource on the site, and have also rolled out the new design elements to social and in some print pieces too.

It’s a great sign when a brand is easily adaptable online and off!

If you need your website or brand overauling, please give us a shout!