Design Method

ESEYE, Guildford Surrey

ESEYE are in the competitive world of cellular IoT technology and hired Pelling Design to help simplify their visual value proposition to AWS (Amazon Web Service) IoT (Internet of Things) – no easy task given the complexity of the offering.

This ‘visualisation’ was to be hosted on their website so we had the opportunity to use some cool web skills to bring this page to life… we were immediately thinking animation.

Even to people in the know it can be tough to get your head round even the most basic aspects of AWS IoT, so we had our work cut out

For a project like this, we tend to take a more structured design approach than normal. Getting our own heads round this was going to take some back and forth and trial and error

1. Meetings – and lots of them
2. Phone discussions
3. Scribbles and scamps
4. More meetings to discuss the scribbles and scamps
5. Progression of scribbles and scamps
6. Visuals and styling
7. Meetings to discuss visuals and styling
8. Design progression
9. UX research
10. Build and Code
11. Testing
12. Client feedback
13. Launch of page and measurable

We identified right from the start of this design project that it would be highly collaborative between the design team and web development team. There was no point in the design team heading down a creative route that could not be executed online… baring in mind too that mobile browsing is at a all time high and is only likely to rise even further.

Working out a flow for the offering was the first part of the project. Scamps and scribbles were made in note pads whilst identifying key points in the proposition were outlined.

Once we had gone through our design scamps we then began to wireframe the page whilst the rest of the design team gathered assets and audited what was available.

Now for the fun part – using the signed off wireframes, we then began pulling everything together and coming up with a full design.

Using images, icons, diagrams and the flow chart we established we came up with a striking new look and feel for the page.

The client loved our design and after a little back and forth with amends, we moved to the development phase of the project so we could really bring this page to life. Using Jquery, HTML5 and various other advanced coding techniques we submitted the first pass of the full web page.

Once again the client loved it so we pushed live and it has served as a incredibly useful tool in driving sales.

As you can see from the above, we are not rocket scientists – our design process is a very simple one. But with our enthusiasm, skill sets and drive to help our customers, we can make any value proposition come to life!