Design Method


DUSUP are a company based in Dubai, looking for some help to promote their new affiliation with an employee engagement company. Wanting to bring attention to the company’s values, DUSUP were seeking a design agency that were equipped to create an entire range of promotional products.

A long with some posters and interactive PDFs that not only explain the new employee review system, we were tasked with created a simple brief animation to gain some interest and help the employee know what is coming up, but how it can help them.

Working hard with DUSUP we created a script and storyboard, from there we designed all the visual elements that would need to be used. When creating any animation, a lot of the work is concentrated on the pre productuion elements such as the script and storyboard.

With the pre-production complete we were able to begin working on the animation itself, using a Adobe After Effects, we put together a film that ticked all of the pre-production boxes, them being, clean, simple, legible and informative. When animating short clips like this, there are many different problems that can potentially arise, however working closely with the client in the pre-production stage, we were able to identify any problem areas and pick out the most important message to get across to the audience.