Design Method

Childhood pneumonia, Guildford Surrey

We are quite lucky at Pelling Design that we can occasionally be selective over what work we take on and with whom we work with. Sometimes though, it’s a no brainer – so when ‘Childhood pneumonia’ approached us, we literally bit their hands off at the opportunity to help

They needed a hard hitting awareness campaign that would be rolled out on digital and social platforms – something that would really raise awareness and create engagement.


As previously mentioned in other work posts, we always like to start with words when concepting – it’s a great, efficient, and quick way to get as many ideas down as possible. Its also super collaborative and gets the whole team involved. No idea is a bad idea, and even if you are unsure about something, it’s always worth saying as it can spark another idea through someone else and get you places you did not originally think to explore.

For this particular campaign we decided to lead with a question and fact based concept so we were communicating very clearly the impact of this terrible disease. No grey areas – just hard hitting copy in black and white!

Image search

This was a key part of the project. We have to make sure that we struck the perfect balance between emotive imagery and hard hitting. We did not want this to be a cheesy, un-realistic ‘feel sorry for us’ concept, but to create the awareness required in the right manner.

We selected images we thought would work and presented a contact sheet of 15-20 images from which the client selected 5 or so that we could use throughout the campaign on all touch points.

Bringing the concepts to life

Pulling this all together was a straight forward process after getting the images and copy correct early on in the design process. We designed and created digital banners, social posts, emails and website header images

Print based

Once the main part of the project was complete we rolled out the chosen designs to various print based vehicles such as leaflets, brochures, banners and flyers