Design Method

Chambers Waste Management. Farnham And Guildford, Surrey

Any Re-branding project is always greeted with great glee at Pelling Design – there is nothing we love more than getting our teeth into a design project, delving into the history of a client, its product, people, competitors and positioning.

Chambers waste management, based locally in Farnham with offices in Guildford Surrey and Aldershot Hampshire too, needed a complete overhaul of all their, literature, point of sale, digital and sales tools and approached Pelling to undertake the project, from research / conceptual work through to costing, print and production.

With our unique ability to deliver first class design solutions for an affordable budget we were the perfect fit and fought off strong competition to win the tender A design brief of this size needs to be spilt into manageable chunks so we went about creating timelines, starting with the delivery date and working back through the key mile stones and including flex for any issues that may arise. Getting the timelines right and thus managing expectations is arguably the most important part of the project as everything else that is forthcoming hangs on the structure created here. With our vast design and production experience we have a clear understanding of our own process, how long things take and giving ourselves and the client enough time to ensure all deliverables are of the highest standard.

the brief was a relatively simple one – to re-position the Chambers brand as a premium, quality solution for the ever growing waste management industry. so…

1. Planning – GAANT charts are really useful for mapping projects out and ensure that all parties know what they have to do and when by. we split the timelines into the following categories – concepts, costing, design, production, delivery and logistics

2. Competitor analysis Pelling Design undertook a comprehensive look through all of Chambers competitors to create a conclusive overview of positioning, presentation, perception and products. We also looked at their sales tools, strategies and online platforms so we had a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses so we can take these learnings and work into our own ideas and design solutions

3. Concepting – Once time lines were approved we went about working on design concepts with the time frames and budget at the forefront of our thoughts. we always work on a ‘no-holds bared’ premise to ensure the design team maximises their creativity and comes up with ideas worthy of the client. We can then work back – if needed – to make sure that our proposals fit with the timelines and budget. We feel this process works really well for us but you have to have the experience and knowledge to ensure tings do not get out of hand and you end up over promising and under delivering!

This is my favourite part of the process and enjoyed coming up with innovative but simple solutions to propel the Chambers brand and ensure it is viewed as the premium product / solutions it is.

4. Costing – we then went about costing all the items that we decided to move forward with. We costed design, print, production and delivery for all items so as to ensure complete transparency. The key items we decided to move forward with included; print folders, catalogues, brochures, case studies, clinical studies, premium packaging, premium bags of several unique sizes, banners, user guides, point of sale cubes, shelf solutions, strut cards, leaflet dispensers, leaflets, posters and totems. Digital assets included – point of sale ordering website, display banners, email templates, sales emails and HTML banners.

5. Design – taking our chosen visuals from the concept stage we then went about rolling out all items listed above. One of the issues we addressed within our design concepts was the random nature of imagery. We selected one key image that we felt represented the brand (as seen in banner at the top of this page and the various assets pictures) and used this on all items. This sounds really simple but with some clever design it can be a really effective way of ensuring consistency.

6. Production and delivery. With ‘premium’ being the key word throughout this project we worked closely with our long standing and preferred suppliers as well as ensuring our in house print was executed to the highest standard