Design Method


Bond Clarke are a local Farnham based solicitors who needed a Branding re-fresh. The branding project was to include both on and offline media – logo, stationery and collateral design alongside web design.

Our first point of focus was addressing the brand itself and we quickly identified a light but professional way to represent the company and what they do. Indeed their name Bond Clarke lent itself nicely to a James Bond (Bond) themed, super hero (Clarke) graphic. The final execution was a symbol that can work as a standalone recognisable graphic, as well as in situ with the full company name.

As part of the branding process, we also devised an engaging colour palette and type face that complemented the stylish logo.


This was then used across all stationery and various pieces of literature, using the colour palette and fonts established in the Branding. Image searches were important, it’s all too easy to produce an awful lot of bad, overused imagery but thankfully our design team are experienced enough to come up with some hidden gems.

We also conducted competitor research, looking at websites and branding of similar companies in order to ensure that bond Clarke stood out visually against the rest.


Having established strong branding, we developed a set of designs for a website homepage, content page and contact page template. These were submitted for client review, progressed and approved for HTML code and build.

Using a Word Press Content Management System (CMS) we built out all pages and launched the website within a week of design approval – pretty swift! As part of our website design package we offer CMS training to all our clients, and Bond Clarke were shown the ropes and are now happily updating their site regularly.

Bond Clarke was a great project for us and we worked tirelessly to ensure that we provided impressive designs to tight deadlines. The offline media provided a great opportunity to showcase the quality of our digital printing service.