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Helping getting a business started has to be one of the best parts of our job at Pelling Design - especially when a client invests ALL of their trust in your abiliy and knowhow in order to get them up and running.

Pelling is a small busienss itself, and i take great pride in ‘practising what we preach’ so along with my talendted team of developers and designers, I feel like we have a awful lot to offer if our clients ask. Not only with everything design, but the fineties of promoting a small business.

Understanding your own potential client base, your own usp’s andhow you fit into the market with which you operate in is a tough call tomake so it is always good to canvass opinion. We were on hand for Beland were able to help identify not only the above, but also make surethe brand we were craeting allowed her to acomplish her goals.

Bel has a wonderful little busienss which will cerainly sell itself so I beleive the hard part was already done. Harnessing this and helping facilitate the posaitive energy around her start up, and central to all future marketing out reach was her website. Created in wordpress, with a beautiful, bespoke and user friendly design (not to mention fully responsive) this is a great starting point for Bel.

The website also has a bespoke booking system that allows Bel’s client to book up any time and with little notice. Being a ew business Bel wants to be completely flexible and this system allows her to be just that.

To sit alongside this and funnell all sales enquiries we created a vast range of supporting marketing collaetral, including business cards, posters, signage, flyers, banners and even a injury assessment form.

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Pelling have over 50 years combined experience designing and coding websites. We work with companies of all sizes, from one-man bands to multinational blue chip companies. We endeavour to provide high quality service, while maintaining a competitive price.

We pride ourselves in our level of customer service, which we believe is the main reason behind our high customer retention rates.