Design Method

BASWARE, Design And Animation, London Surrey

Bringing the perceived mundane to life is a true art form and the sign of a great designer! Whilst procurement management software isn’t the sexiest subject in the world, it is a vitally important tool to all kinds of companies all across the world… Just for the record, Pelling Design and Basware don’t think procurement management software is boring.

So, when Basware approached the Pelling Design team to bring their multiple Networked Accounts Payable Automation and Cloud Based Procure-to-Pay Solutions to life by the way of 30, 30 second animations, we were equally thrilled and daunted by the prospect.

This is obviously a huge undertaking in terms of man power, logistics and time management but one the design team at Pelling has plenty of experience in.

Basware’s brand was also going through a facelift when this project kicked off, adding a extra layer of complexity to the project

Once costs were approved and ways of working were discussed, we went about braking the project down into manageable chunks;

  1. Source content, assets and copy
  2. Familiarise ourselves with the Basware brand, look and feel and tone of voice
  3. Confirm all scripts
  4. Create a look and feel for key frames from the first 4 scripts
  5. Discuss look and feel feedback and make the relevant changes
  6. Roll out the look and feel across the first script and progress through to static approval
  7. Once approved, create a basic scamp animation to ensure timings are ok
  8. Create voice over.
  9. Once scamps and voice overs are approved, move to full animation
  10. When animation 1 is approved, begin working on rolling out across the next 29.

It was at this point we create d a working timeline and Gantt chart so we could track progress of the project easily.

Using the existing Basware brand elements, our main focus quickly became making sure that each animation felt fresh, engaging and captured the audiences interest through the full 30seconds, and the next 29 videos.

The Basware brand is quite vibrant and our design team utilised in a way that each animation not only looked different, but really elevated the brand look and feel with the motion graphics we employed