Design Method

AXIS HOUSE, Brochure Design, London Surrey

Dynamic companies need dynamic marketing materials to match their values, ambition and aesthetics. Axis House is one of those companies, and they approached Pelling Design to bring their unique offering to life!

Axis House work with their clients to deliver inspiring workplaces, specialising in office refurbishment from design through to fit! With clients covering a wide breadth of industries, appealing to this mass audience would be key

Due to their standing within the industry, it was important to us – and Axis – that the brand already in place not change too much. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

This raises a interesting point – Pelling Design will never undertake a branding project if we don’t feel it is necessary. I see our agency as a consultancy as much as anything and else, and thus like to think we know what we are talking about when it comes to branding. Specifically, whether or not something already in place is working.

There are many parts to a brand, and many reasons why some work and some don’t.

Axis House’ branding needed a little lift to help it sit alongside the new materials we were working on – a slight colour pallet tweak and some new iconogrpahy more in keeping with the digital space they now sit.

Pelling Design worked on brochure templates, infographics and Powerpoint templates, with the later being rolled out to a few specific presentations.

Powerpoint is much derided as outdated and hard to use, but the fact remains its vast ‘in use’ numbers still make it a major key component for any brand when sharing materials online or off.

I believe with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact to the way we work now and in the future, digital sharing is obviously very important – and PPT, love it or loath it, is still the industry leader in terms of sharing to large audience member. You can guarantee – along with PDF’s – that the recipient of your presentation will be able to access and view the file without any issues.

Part of building out these PowerPoint templates involved future proofing and idiot proofing their usage, making them totally fool proof and easy to use

The brochure design we put together was indeed a thing of beauty, and meant we as designers were on more familiar technical ground using Adobe InDesign. With dynamic spreads, stunning typography and some wonderful live case study imagery, we really bought the Axis House offering to life!