Design Method

ALCON, Sales Tool, Camberley Surrey

Keeping an audience engaged during information based videos can be quite challenging, but it’s a challenge we always relish! Add into this the complexity of ensuring a level of design consistency across 10 videos of varying length then you have yourself a tough brief.

If it was easy, it would be boring

Alcon had a set of 10 in practice videos that needed brining to life. Without any clear guidelines, brand or otherwise, the brief as a very open one outside of the script supplied.

The videos are for practice managers and workers to reference best practices when engaging with a customer on their contact lense purchasing journey.

As ever, the Design team went about brainstorming not only the creative approach but also the structure and rhythm f these videos. We consolidated all of the scripts and first went about securing a engaging voice over.

Once the script and voice over were confirmed, this gave us a solid base to work the designs from. We had a clear running time and this enabled us to judge the character types, animation, transitions and colour ways.

We kept the colour palette nice and simple using the corporate blue and its sub tones so that the script and characters really leapt of the page… the switch between a full blue background to white was really effective in breaking up the pieces into manageable, more viewable chunks too

Style wise, again simplicity – as with the colour ways – was key to making these videoes easily digestible and engaging pieces. We kept the style very minimal, contemporary, and clear so everything made sense

If you need a script brining to life and at to ensure its engaging, why not drop us a line.