Design Method

Alcon, Marketing And Design, Camberley Surrey

There is nothing like a last minute brief. A last minute brief in late December when everyone is winding down for Christmas.

I love my job!!!

Pelling’s design and development team were certainly not winding down when contacted by the marketing team at Alcon launching their latest innovation in contact lenses ‘Precision One’ in late December last year

COVID has played havoc with many a schedule, and brand and marketing teams have had to be agile when reacting to a new market place, especially within the retail sector.

I have talked before about our flexibility, agility, and willingness to go the extra mile on these web pages before, and this is a prime example of that bought fully in action – not just by Pelling, but with the Alcon marketing team

They knew they could rely on us to get the job done in time. The job being the full roll out of Point of sale, practice support materials and sales aids.

We created a hard hitting, colourful and contemporary look and feel that would not go missing in store, with the main Call To Action (CTA) being the QR code displayed on all items. This opened up a innovative virtual retail experience really setting this project launch apart from the competition.

Pelling Design produced and designed leaflets, Point of sale, postcards, brochures, digital adverts, social posts, microsite, infographics, posters, banners and packaging, all within 5 working days – no mean feet when you take into consideration the time of year and the need for pharmaceutical legal sign offs!

Pelling flexibility allowed Alcon to flex to the market and get this product launch out earlier than originally planned – we really are the perfect partner to any marketing team

If you want to partner up on a product launch please give us a shout!