Design Method

Abbott Healthcare, Design And Brand Work, London Surrey

I have talked on this site countless times about the importance in having strong relationships and working off recommendations to build a business.

These 2 aspects – recommendations and retention – are without a doubt the biggest contributors to Pelling Designs continuous success. People work with people they like. Pure and simple.

My kiddies are getting to the age where they are starting to think about what they may well do for a living, and whilst I would love one of them to eventually take the reign’s of Pelling Design, the one thing I keep trying to hammer home to them is the obvious ‘do something you love’, but also trying to help them understand the importance of people.

Be kind, be nice, and people will be kind and nice back. This is obviously important in everyday life but also in business too. Pelling Design are not successful because we are necessarily any better at our jobs than a lot of other. Design agencies around… but we are a very nice bunch of people!

Anyway – Abbott healthcare are another fine case in point of this mantra. This is now the 3rd company we have started working for under this particular marketing manager and we have maintained strong relationships in the previous 2 as well, so there is a instant growth opportunity and one we have managed to maintain.

Abbott have a strong, established brand in the coronary healthcare space and Pelling Design have worked on some great digital campaigns over the last few months.

With COVID accelerating the move to a more online events industry, Pelling Design have helped facilitate events by creating mircosites, social post support, digital advertising campaigns, e-books and brochures, digital exhibition experiences and digital invites.

Working with the Abbott brand aesthetics and the brand team, we have created a unique look and feel for these evets and bought the brand elements to life with the use of vibrant colours and complimented with some choice images from the brand library and supplemented with free source imagery.

Our ability to turn things out on time, agility and strong communication have allowed us to fit into the wider Abbott marketing team and become a key part of their strategy.

If you would like Pelling Design to be part of your wider team give us a shout!