Design Method

Our design process

Our design process is based around the 3 C’s – Concepts / Collaboration / Communication.

Through collaboration, we create amazing design concepts and help you, our client, communicate these ideas effectively to ultimately sell your product or service.

Our design process covers 12 steps as outlined very colourfully below. From creating a brief with our client, quoting costs and timelines, through to concepts and ideas, execution, roll out and delivery.

Whilst there is nothing ground breakingly different here, its is how we work within this design process that is so effective.

We take great pride at Pelling Design in providing a service and level of design excellence that is on par with London agencies much, much bigger than we are – but for much, much less.

What sets us apart from other design agencies is the added layer of flexibility and agility we offer as a small team. There is no go between account handler who doesn’t understand design, so no Chinese whispers – you get to communicate and work alongside the designer or developer executing your project, saving time and cutting down your costs.

Its also the best way to communicate each others thoughts and ideas and also creates conversation opportunities that do not rise in a more traditional, cumbersome set up.

We do whatever it takes to get the job done, and have a highly dedicated team of designers, developers and marketers who are friendly, approachable and highly skilled! There is no compromise on quality, only the best ideas and design!

Being transparent with our design process allows clients, and potential clients, to gain a insight into what we do, how we work and ultimately how we deliver great design. By doing this, it adds a layer of understanding that helps move any design project along smoothly. If you know how we work, it helps you – help us.. .

For example, we often as for a clients aesthetic inspiration – what websites do you like, are there any colour palettes that inspire you, what brand do you aspire to be like?

By answering these simple questions, it gives us a insight into what you like, dislike, and how you like things to work – very valuable information when trying to reach what is in someones minds eye.

Communication is often overlooked as a important skill in the days of being able to contact anyone at anything at the touch of a button – just because its easy to do, doesn’t make you good at it!

Much the same can be said for the tools of our trade – InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver etc etc. if you have these apps on a Mac, does not mean they can design.

All of our designers are traditionally trained, as are our coders. Being able to build anything fr om the ground up – quite often ‘the ground’ meaning a sketchbook! – is so so important in getting the best out of any design pr ocess. Great ideas are not found in on Pinterest, instagram or google – they are found through, communication, collaboration and conceptual thinking!

So if you want to communicate and collaborate with us, drop us a line and watch the concepts come alive! You can download a simple brief sheet to get started here.