Design Method

WordPress Web Design / Development

Pelling Design are proud to call ourselves WordPress experts!

This would not of always been the case. In the past WordPress had a bit of a bad reputation as an inflexible, unusable blogging platform. That perhaps shows our age, but in turn shows our huge wealth of experience gained over years of highly skilled web design and development work.

WordPress is a different beast nowadays and there is not a lot it cannot do with the skills of our Design and Development team.

We do not use WordPress design templates – everything we do is not only completely designed and developed in-house, but is also totally unique to your brand / company.

Find out how we can lift your brand or indeed create a new one here.

Pretty much all of the websites you see here are built using WordPress, and if they are not, our talented development team would of custom built the whole thing.


Easy to use CMS (Content Management System)

WordPress is incredibly easy to us, and all of our WordPress sits come with training for you and your team


With nearly 80 million WordPress websites out there ‘on the line’ support is everywhere. You only have to google a issue – if you ever indeed have one – and there will almost certainly be a fix to be found.


With googles algorithm a mystery, its best to stay on top of all best practices. The site will be built for you with this in mind and we can advise on any extra plugins that we think will benefit your particular site

Fully bespoke

As alluded to above, your site is not bound to a WordPress template, but is fully bespoke to you and your brand / business. Our talented design and development team will walk you through the entire process.

To walk you through how we approach WordPress (or any other website) projects, we have our design and development process;

Website development

Design based on new brand. Mobile friendly website with CMS (Content Management System) Cost includes;

  • Design visuals, implementation of chosen design to CMS.
  • Build out fully responsive mobile version of site. Fully test site in all major browsers
  • CMS and site training



We will start by designing an image mock up of the website. Once we have created a design we will send it to you for feedback. We’ll then take those and provide you with the amended design.

We provide clients with 2 rounds of amends, which we find is sufficient for most cases. If you find that you need to make further amends, it may be subject to an additional charge. We will of course inform you of this beforehand.


Once you are happy with the design, we will begin coding the website. We will create the website on a development server.

We test the website using major desktop browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer 9-11 and Microsoft Edge, to ensure it appears as intended to the majority of users

Once we have completed coding the website, we will provide you with a link to the demo so that  you can feedback as necessary.

Please note that as soon as the coding stage starts, making changes to the design/functionality of the website will be much more complex. We therefore ask you to do this during the design phase.


Once you have approved the demo website, we will proceed with deploying it to a live server. We will also run you through the CMS and show you how to use it to maximise the site.

So to speak to our WordPress experts, get in touch here or be old fashioned and give us a ring