Design Method

Reskins / Customisations

A reskin is where we take your website and give it a new look; it does not include changes to the website functionality itself. They are useful if you already have a website that looks outdated or needs optimisation, e.g. to help improve conversions.

A few examples of clients we worked with include:

Fizzy Flower

Claire is the owner of Fizzy Flower, a successful online jewelry store. At the time she came to us, the website was around 1-2 years old. It was growing rapidly, and she felt that it was time to revamp the website, as the old branding was not as strong as she would have liked.

We were asked to redesign the website to create a more clean & sophisticated feel, as well as add new functionality to the website. We also set up a mobile version of the website, as it was identified that a lot of her customers were using mobile devices to shop.

Fizzy Flower - Before reskin

Fizzy Flower - After reskin

Surrey Hills Butchers

Simon is a butcher based in Surrey Hills. He had a 1-page website that showed some very basic information, i.e. location and opening times. He wanted us to make the website more visually appealing & engaging for visitors.

We redesigned and added more sections to the website to make it a more useful resource. We used a popular CMS called WordPress for the backend of the website which allows Simon to control various aspects of the website, including the copy itself.

One of the key features of the new website is the recipes section. Simon is a great cook and this gives him a platform to showcase his various recipes. In addition to building a relationship with the visitors, this helps portray Simon’s passion for his line of work. We feel both of these are important in drumming up new business.

Surrey Hill Butchers - Before reskin

Surrey Hill Butchers - After reskin